Common Issues and Fixes
Having trouble? Don’t worry, most issues are common and easily remedied.

Error Warnings

Unable to swap / “The transaction cannot succeed due to an error: undefined”.

  • Increase slippage (5-20%) depending on individual coin tokenomics.
“Unexpected issue estimating the gas”.
  • Solution 1: Clear cache and restart browser.
  • Solution 2: ctrl+f5 (forced cache refresh).
  • Solution 3: Change the units you are trading to a whole number.
Unable to add liquidity + buttons greyed out.
  • Clear cache, restart the browser and try again.
Wallet connect is not supported on mobile.
  • Use Metamask’s in-app browser to connect.
Stuck transaction.
Transactions are failing using Ledger.
  • Downgrade MM to 10.0.3, using ETH app instead of AVAX app. If issues persist, join Avalanche’s Discord server and locate the ledger support channel.
Internal JSON-RPC error.
  • Solution 1: Paying back wrong market
  • Solution 2: If it's an AVAX market there’s an extra 0.1 avax which is reimbursed after debt is paid.
  • Solution 3: Do you have enough AVAX to cover the gas fees?
500 Internal Server Error.

LP Issues

Unable to see xJoe balance after depositing in the farm.
  • The xJOE balance is not visible once placed into the farm. Balance becomes visible once withdrawn from the xJoe farm.
Unable to convert tokens to LP tokens.
  • Find the corresponding pool and then add an equal ratio of both tokens to receive LP tokens.
Unable convert JLP tokens back into tokens.
  • Un-stake from farm, then remove JLP from pool.
LP tokens not showing in the pool tab.
  • Visit the farm tab to view the LP tokens.
Unable to ‘unzap’ LP tokens.
  • Go to the pools tab, find the corresponding pool and remove.
Fetching Pools is taking too long.
  • This is normal, be patient and let it load.
I can no longer see my LPs.
  • This is normal, your tokens have been deposited in the contract and are no longer in your wallet. You will still receive the % of fees when you withdraw your LP from the pool.
I can’t see my gains from providing liquidity.
  • You can see the difference between pooled tokens and un-staked tokens before removing liquidity.

Staking Issues

Where did my rewards go?
  • If you top up your existing JOE in sJOE your Stablecoin rewards will be auto-harvested
  • This means that your Stablecoins will be added to your wallet automatically

Rewards Issues

What is negative APY?
  • This is the interest you pay on a loan.
Rewards and APR are showing 0 in the farm.
  • You may be viewing an outdated farm.
Am I still earning pool fees if I have allocated my LP to the farm?
  • Yes, you can view them in the farm.

Transaction Issues

Tokens have been sent to the wrong address.
  • Unfortunately this is an irreversible and irredeemable process.
I am unable to swap a token.
  • Volatility may be too high to accept transactions, wait until it stabilises.
How much AVAX do I need for gas?
  • TXs are around 0.002, LP or Farms 0.02. To be safe, hold 0.1 AVAX in your wallet for gas.
I don’t know which chain to send AVAX to MM.
  • Use the C-Chain.
My transaction says successful but is not showing up. Where has it gone?
  • Use SnowTrace to track your transaction status.
I’ve sent my funds to the Trader Joe router address.
  • Unfortunately, this is an irreversible mistake. You NEVER have to send tokens to the Trader Joe router address. To use Trader Joe, simply connect your wallet to the platform and use the
I don't know how to send tokens from one chain to another.
  • Use a network bridge such as Synapse.

Wallet Issues

My transactions are stuck on pending.
  • Use this guide to resolve any issues with Metamask.
Wallet is not connecting to Trader Joe.
  • Make sure you do not have other wallet extensions running at the same time. If the ‘not connected’ MM message is blank, select it to connect. If you can now see your address showing up in the Trader Joe UI, you've connected a wallet.
I transferred tokens, but I cannot see them in MM.
  • You need to add a new token in MM. You can do this by selecting import tokens at the bottom of the MM app and inputting the custom token details or searching for them.

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