Yield Farming

Why Yield Farm?

  • Deposit your Liquidity Pool tokens into a farm to earn extra yield.
  • Extra yield is rewarded in $JOE Tokens.
When you deposit Tokens into a Yield Farm, you also continue to earn Trading Fees from the Liquidity pool

Farm Rewards

Farmers Market
Double: JOE + Token X
noJOE Farm
Single: Token X
Single: JOE

How to earn JOE token rewards through yield farming

  • Connect and confirm your wallet
  • Locate the Farm you wish to deposit your LP
  • You are now viewing the ‘Manage Farm’ page
  • This contains the Farm details including Liquidity, Pool APR, JOE APR, and Bonus APR
  • If you don’t have LP tokens yet, select ‘Get LP Tokens’
  • This will take you to the token-pair’s liquidity pool eg (AVAX + PTP)
Get LP Tokens
  • Once you have supplied Tokens into the pool and received your LP tokens, return to the farm
  • On the right-hand side, Select Stake and enter the amount of LP tokens you wish to deposit
  • Press Approve or Deposit (or both) and Confirm the transaction in your wallet
  • Congratulations, you are now earning Farm rewards!

How to Unstake

  • Click the 'Unstake' Tab and select the amount of LP Tokens to Unstake, or press 'Max'
  • Press Confirm and Confirm in your Metamask Wallet when prompted
  • Then select the 'Detach LP Tokens' button (Highlight in Red Below)
  • This will take you to the Liquidity Pool page, where you can withdraw your Tokens

How to Harvest Rewards

  • You can Harvest Farm rewards, at anytime
  • Simply press the Harvest button and any pending rewards, will be added to your wallet.
  • Any Bonus Rewards accrued, will be held in the Smart Contract waiting for you to Harvest

Types of Rewards

  • Pool APR: Fees collected by Liquiity Pools, paid on top of your position when you withdraw
  • JOE APR: JOE Tokens that can be collected by pressing Harvest
  • Bonus APR: Bonus Reward Tokens that can also be claimed by pressing Harvest
Single Rewards Farm
Double Rewards Farm

Prefer to watch a video?

Watch the below for a simple how to guide