We have a highly technical team that hails from all four corners of the globe and many are active members of the Avalanche community.

Core Team

Cryptofish (Co-Founder) | Twitter
Cryptofish is a full-stack and smart contract engineer. He is in mainly in charge of contracts and culture. He was an early contributor to several Avalanche projects such as Snowball and Sherpa Cash. Most recently, he worked at Google and a CEX specializing in derivatives. He holds a Master's in Computer Science from a top US university.
0xMurloc (Co-Founder) | Twitter
0xMurloc is a full-stack developer, but his specialty is product management. He is mainly in charge of product and programs at Trader Joe. He has experience starting several startups and most recently was Senior Product Lead at Grab. He holds a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering from a top US university.
Blue (Marketing Lead) | Twitter
Blue is the Marketing and Community lead at Trader Joe. He has 10+ years of experience working in Traditional Finance, for a top London based Asset Management Firm. He has a passion for Investing in traditional and cryptocurrency assets and is also a high calibre endurance athlete. He holds a Balchelor's in Business Management.
MountainFarmer (Farm Scientist) | Twitter
MountainFarmer is an engineer with a passion for creating models. He has experience working as an analyst at an investment bank, a venture capital fund, and as a machine design engineer. He holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Finance.
R00001ndom (Graphic Artist) | Twitter
R0001ndom is a Venezuelan civil construction engineer and accountant with a passion for cryptocurrencies and art. He always wanted to participate in some way in cryptocurrency and today he fulfils his dream of giving a face to the ideas of these dreamers with whom he has the pleasure of working.
Louis MeMyself (Software Engineer) | Twitter
Louis is a student in Computer Science from a French university. He is mainly in charge of bots and everything related to HAT. He takes care of most of the community bots on Avalanche such as Snowball, Sherpa, and PeFi.
Intro_0000 (Software Engineer) | Twitter
intro_0000 is a full-stack software engineer with past experience across machine learning and robotics. He holds a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering.

Community Team

The wider Trader Joe Team that contributes to the success of the platform
SnowWolf (Turkish Community Manager) | Twitter
Snow Wolf is an active user in the Avalanche ecosystem and has worked on other projects such as Verso and Sherpa. He closely monitors almost every projects in Avalanche and looks for potential collaboration opportunities. He is responsible for growth of Turkish Community of Trader Joe.
Tuanphat MMO (Vietnamese Community Manager) | Twitter
Tuanphat MMO is a marketing manager in Vietnam. He has more than 3 years of working experience in crypto and blockchain industry. He used to support big projects and worked for Huobi Global exchange. In addition, he has a community of more than 100,000 members on Facebook and other media channels
0x360 (English Community Manager) | Twitter
0x360 is a mechanical engineer with extensive experience in the coal mining industry. His journey in crypto was started on 2017, and has been a passionate trader ever since.
Petch (Thai-English Community Manager) | Twitter
Petch is a recently graduated law student who got interested in blockchain technology and eventually settled in Avalanche ecosystem, he participated in several communities such as Yield Yak and is helping Trader Joe in every way he can.
Natchompp (In it for the tek) | Twitter
Natchompp is a ninja
Player456 (English Community Manager) | Twitter
Player456's passion for crypto first started summer 2017 building rigs and mining crypto with her brother. After everything crashed she took a break from crypto and when coming back Summer 2021 she discovered the world of DeFi and has never looked back. She is a hybrid mod covering both Telegram & Discord.
0xThundercat (Project Friend) | Twitter
Thundercat is an early Cryptocurrency Pioneer, with strong Leadership & Business acumen. His early involvement in Trader Joe was instrumental in establishing a solid foundation for the Project and Team. He remains a close partner to the project.
Ukuzu (Marketing) | Twitter An experienced copy-writer with a background in the entertainment industry, Ukuzu came to crypto for the innovation and stayed for the community. He holds a masters in Marketing Communications and Advertising.
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