Welcome to Trader Joe
Your one-stop-shop for Decentralised Finance
Welcome to the premier multi-functional DeFi trading platform on the Avalanche Blockchain.

Features at Trader Joe

Trader Joe builds on the frontier of Decentralised Finance, providing users with an innovative and unique trading experience that is seamless, accessible and empowering.
Maximise your yield generating activities on the premier and market leading multi-functional Decentralised Trading Platform. Exclusive to the Avalanche Blockchain.
▶ Trade
  • Fast and Cheap Token Swaps with our automated market maker (AMM) exchange
▶ Farm
  • Deposit your Liquidity Pools Tokens into Farms and earn Bonus rewards
▶ Stake
  • Stake your JOE Tokens with our modular system, earn Stablecoins or more exotic Tokens
▶ Lend
  • Visit Banker Joe to lend or borrow your Tokens to earn Interest
▶ Launch
  • Visit Rocket Joe to participate in exclusive launch events for newly issued Tokens
▶ Shop
  • Visit the Joepegs Marketplace and buy or sell digital assets (NFTs)

Your Journey on Avalanche, starts with Trader Joe.

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