Exchange: has now added support for Avalanche (AVAX) Contract chain (C-Chain) . Users can now deposit or withdraw using both X-Chain and C-Chain on
This guide will provide a walkthrough for withdrawing Avalanche from via C-Chain process, so allowing users to withdraw Avalanche into their personal Metamask wallet for use on the Avalanche Chain.
  1. 1.
    Head to the withdraw page on via the Wallet dropdown button
2. Select Avalanche by typing into the Coin Code field and then select AVAX C-Chain
3. Now enter your Wallet ID, the amount of AVAX you wish to withdraw and then your account verification details as highlighted below.
4. Once details have been entered, simply press 'Submit Request' and your transaction will then process. AVAX will shortly arrive into your wallet and you will then be able to directly engage with Protocols on the Avalanche Chain.
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