Exchange: Binance
A step-by-step guide on how to withdraw $JOE from Binance to your wallet.
Swap USDT, BUSD and BTC for JOE on Binance and withdraw directly to your Metamask wallet on Avalanche's C-Chain.

Binance: Open an Account

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Step 1: Register or login to your Binance Account.
Step 2: On mobile make sure you have ‘Binance Pro’ enabled in the profile dropdown. If you do, the screen will look like this.
Step 3: Tap on the search icon at the top of the page.
Step 4: Search JOE and select a trading pair. In this example we will use USDT.
Step 5: Select BUY.
Step 6:
  • Select MARKET beneath the BUY icon.
  • Input the amount of JOE you want to receive.
  • Select BUY JOE.
Step 7:
  • On the Binance home page, head to Wallet > Withdraw and select JOE.
  • Paste your AVAX C-Chain compatible wallet address, enter the amount and tap Withdraw.
  • NOTE: Binance will deduct 0.1 JOE to cover TX fees.
Step 8: Check the details are correct and Confirm the order.
Step 9: Enter your two factor authentication codes and Submit. Congratulations! You have now withdrawn $JOE from Binance to Metamask. It's a near-instant process and your assets will shortly arrive in your wallet, ready for use on the Trader Joe platform.
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