Bridge: JOE to FTM
A simple guide showing you how to bridge $JOE tokens from Avalanche, to the Fantom Opera Chain (FTM)
Before Bridging $JOE to Fantom Opera
Before Bridging $JOE to the Fantom Opera Chain, you will need to ensure you already have $FTM on the Fantom Opera Chain. $FTM is the gas token, without any $FTM you will not be able to perform any transactions.
If you need $FTM, you can swap some $AVAX for $FTM on the Trader Joe website and simply bridge $FTM (instead of $JOE) using the below guide.
Step 1
Head to the AnySwap website and select on 'Router'
Step 2
Select AVAX Mainnet in the top dropdrown and then select $JOE
Click on the balance of JOE to populate the Router with the amount you would like to bridge. You can also adjust this manually by typing
Step 3
Hit the Swap button and then press Confirm.
Your Wallet will also popup and you will need to confirm the transaction again.
Wallet Confirming the Transaction
Step 4
Your transaction will pop up, as per the above. Simply wait 1-2 minutes at this point
Once the transaction has cleared, you will notice your $JOE token balance will update as per below
Thats it, bridge to Fantom Opera from Avalanche, complete!
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