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About Joepegs Marketplace

We are the trusted hub for premium NFT talent, facilitating the growth of quality projects on the Avalanche blockchain. Our launchpad offers an accessible, full-service package, including smart-contract creation, marketing support, mint hosting, and collection advisory.

The Joepegs Launchpad

Are you an Artist? Would you like to create NFTs but don’t know where to start? The Joepegs Launchpad is here to help. We will handle the technicalities, from smart-contract creation, marketing support, mint hosting, and collection advisory, so you can focus on what you do best - making amazing art.
We welcome creatives from all walks of life, if you have a unique vision and want to get rewarded for it, get in touch today.

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How to Apply for Verification

To verify your Collection, please fill in the below form:
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Why do we verify collections (one tick):
  • Verification is a process by which we confirm that a collection is official. All collections that launch using the Launchpeg platform will be verified upon release.
Why do we give certain collections 2 ticks:
  • Two ticks are given to projects who have performed exceptionally well on Avalanche. Two ticks are purposefully hard to achieve, and will only be given to projects who exceed expectations.

NFT Launchpad Questions

Need Contract Creation Services?
  • To make your Art tradable, you will need Joepegs to create your NFT contract
  • Joepegs will deduct a small service fee from the total sale value at launch
Need Collection Randomisation Assistance?
  • Generative art collections with a variety of assets will need to be randomised
  • If you intend to randomise your collection you will need to consider trait rarity
Mint distribution preference
  • On Joepegs there are several ways to release your NFT collection
Public Mint
  • All NFTs in a collection is sold at the same price at Launch
Public w/ whitelist
  • As above, with the addition of white-listed addresses for special privileges
Dutch Auction WL
  • A timed auction where the price starts high and decreases steadily in regular increments
  • The option to include white-listed addresses white-listed addresses for special privileges
  • Supports an additional public mint as a final phase
1/1 English auction
  • A timed auction where collectors place bids of increasing value
Mint quantity per wallet
  • You may limit the number of NFTs each wallet can mint
  • This can help ensure even distribution of holders
Whitelist Attachment
  • Attach your whitelisted wallet addresses here
  • If not available, supply closer to launch date
Dutch Auction Starting Price
  • The starting price will be high and decrease over time
Ending Price
  • Once reached, the lowest price will apply to all remaining NFTs still on sale