Farm Requests
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Trader Joe Farms

Farms incentivize users to provide liquidity for your trading pair by distributing JOE to your pair's LP Token holders and act as a powerful means of user discovery for your protocol.

How to Apply?

If you’re interested in incentivizing liquidity, please get in touch via the form.
Note: We aim to respond as quickly as possible, but please do not constantly chase for an update. There is a backlog of farm requests. We aim to respond to every request within 1 week.

What types of Farms do we offer?

  • Double Reward Farms: JOE + Your Token
  • noJOE Farms: Your Token only
  • Community Farms: JOE Token only

Apply for a Farm and become a Joe Partner

All Farm partners on the platform, get full Marketing and BD support, with full promotional coverage across the Trader Joe community.

Community Farms

If you would like a Farm spot but are not able to provide your protocol Token, we will send your application to the Cultivation Club which is the Community Governance program for Trader Joe.
The Cultivation Club is a Discord managed group, made up of selected community members who are responsible for the management and selection of Community Farm slots. Applications are reviewed weekly and on successful votes, we will contact you to arrange Farm deployment.
Read more about the announcement of The Cultivation Club here:
The Cultivation Club — Community Farm Management

Timelines & Contact

How long will it take to get a response? We aim to respond within one week of receiving your application. Though due to a large number of applications, there may be a delay.
If you don’t hear an update from us within two weeks, try reaching out to @DaviDeFi on Telegram. Please include your project name, link to the project website, and date you applied.
Got more questions?
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