veJOE Staking
Stake JOE into veJOE to earn boosted JOE rewards from select Farms

veJOE - High Level

  • Stake JOE into veJOE to earn veJOE over time
  • If you unstake any JOE from veJOE you will lose all of your accrued veJOE
  • Claiming veJOE will apply a Boost APR to all Farms marked with 'Boost'
  • Boost APR increases your JOE Rewards
  • The higher your veJOE Share the higher your share of the Boost Rewards
  • Farmers are now incentivized to Stake JOE so they can earn more JOE

What is veJOE?

veJOE is a Staking option that rewards long-term Stakers with Boosted JOE Farm rewards as well as voting power for future Governance.
  • Stake JOE into veJOE to accrue veJOE over time
  • The more veJOE you accrue the higher your JOE Yield in selected Farms will likely be
  • You can Speed up your veJOE by engaging a Speed Up accrual rate
  • veJOE will also provide Voting Power for future platform Governance
veJOE Incentivizes Farmers to stake their JOE Tokens instead of selling them

Boost your JOE Farm Rewards

Boosted Farms have fixed JOE token emissions, shared between Base Rewards and veJOE Rewards pools. Boosted Farms have a Boost Factor, e.g. 1.67, which measures the total rewards available to veJOE holders vs non-holders.
  • Split of veJOE vs Base Rewards are determined by a veJoeShareBp setting configured at a farm level and managed by the protocol team.
  • The Farm Factor measures the proportion of total rewards vs the Base rewards emitted to the farm. E.g. for a farm that rewards 60% Base + 40% veJOE pools, the farm factor = 100/60 = 1.67X. Base APR follows regular yield farming calculations.
With veJOE you unlock access to 40% of the JOE Rewards that are directed to a Farm
  • Users receive a share of rewards proportional to their LP token share in the yield farm. veJOE APR is proportional to the User Farm Factor, which is the square-root of their LP balance multiplied by veJOE balance.
  • Farm Total Factor is then the sum of all User Farm Factor Full equation:

Breaking down the veJOE Calculation

Top Section

  • Base Rewards account for 60% of the JOE rewards (or otherwise stated as 1-veJoeShare)
  • joePerSec is set by the Trader Joe team and the same for all participants in the farm
  • User.Liquidity is the number of LP tokens that a given user has
  • pool.totalLiquidity is the sum of all user.liquidity for a given farm
  • A participant’s proportion of base rewards is user.Liquidity/pool.totalLiquidity

Bottom Section

  • veJOE rewards account for 40% of the JOE rewards (veJoeShare = 40%)
  • user.veJOE is the number of veJOE tokens that a given user has
  • Farm Factor equal sqrt(user.liquidity * user.veJOE)
  • pool.totalFactor is the sum of all farm factors for everyone in a given farm
  • A participant's % of veJOE rewards = their percentage of pool.totalFactor
  • This incentivizes participants to accumulate more veJoe, as user.veJOE has an equal weight in the veJOE rewards as user.Liquidity
veJOE Staking will introduce 'player versus player' (PVP) for Farms

🧮The veJOE Calculator

Want to calculate your expected Boost APR?
Check out this handy calculator made by Trader Joe Moderator: XPKea

Example 1

Alice has only 9.09% of LP tokens, but has a larger stake of veJOE and therefore receives 25.4% of total rewards.

Example 2

Both Alice and Bob have veJOE balance proportional to their LP liquidity, and therefore receive a proportional share of total rewards.

Examples 3

Without any veJOE stake, Alice receives only 54.5% of total rewards despite providing 90.9% of LP tokens.

Eligible Farms

Below Farms will Launch with veJOE deployment, more Farms will likely deploy at a later date.
Farm Pair
Farm Pair

Benefit for the JOE Token

veJOE incentivizes Farmers to not sell their JOE Rewards:
  • The more JOE you have Staked into veJOE, the more veJOE you can earn overtime
  • The more veJOE you accrue, the higher your JOE Farm Yields will be
  • If you unstake any amount of JOE from veJOE you lose all accrued veJOE
  • The more veJOE you have the more voting power you will receive for future Governance

veJOE: Staking

To activate the Farm boosts, you first must accrue and Claim your veJOE. You do this by Staking JOE into the veJOE Staking Pool. Once you have Staked JOE you will accrue veJOE over time and you can press Claim to yield any accrued veJOE (the generation rate and boost rate for accruing veJOE are covered below).
  • Harvested veJOE will act as a receipt and automatically apply a Boost to your Farms
  • veJOE is non-transferable, you cannot trade veJOE
If you unstake any amount of JOE from veJOE you will lose all of your accrued veJOE

Accrual Speed: Base Rate

veJOE Stakers will receive veJOE at a fixed rate, up to a cap of 100x their staked JOE
  • Base Rate for veJOE: 0.000003215020576 veJOE per sec per JOE
It takes you 365 days to hit the max amount of veJOE you can accrue

Accrual Speed: Speed Up

veJOE Stakers can boost their veJOE accrual rate using a speed-up mechanism
  • Speed Up Rate for veJOE: 0.000006430041152 veJOE per sec per JOE
  • veJOE Speed Up doubles the Base Rate (2x)
Example of veJOE accrual with the Speed Up

How to Activate the Speed Up

If you Top-up more JOE Tokens to your existing Stake, you can activate a veJOE accrual boost
  • Top up more than 5% of your existing Staked JOE to activate this boost
  • The Speed Up mechanic is there to allow for new users to catch up with existing veJOE Stakers
The veJOE Speed Up Booster will last for 15 days
Your speed boost can be monitored on the veJOE staking page, there is a count down timeline tracking the remaining speed boost you have until you need to Top-up 5% more.

Video: How to veJOE


  • veJOE holders will receive governance privileges, to be defined in future scope.
  • 1 veJOE = 1 voting power
  • Unstake = lose all your voting power

veJOE Subgraph