rJOE Staking
Stake JOE into rJOE and gain exclusive access to Rocket Joe Launches

What is rJOE?

rJOE is an allocation token used to enter Rocket Joe Launches

Participate in Rocket Joe Launches

Trader Joe has a vision, to become a hub for new primitives. This vision entails the all-inclusive service to Launch, List, and Farm via a seamless and unique offering. Rocket Joe is a central piece of this ecosystem and for users who wish to access exclusive Rocket Joe Launches, rJOE is the required 'ticket to enter park'.
  • Accrue rJOE and use that rJOE to enter Rocket Joe Launches

How To Earn rJOE?

Users can accrue rJOE by staking their JOE tokens into the rJOE Staking Pool. Depositing JOE Tokens will reward users with rJOE Tokens, rJOE Tokens accrue in real-time, just like a yield Farm.
Stake JOE for rJOE
There are no limits or restrictions when staking rJOE. Any amount of JOE can be deposited, with no fee to deposit or withdraw. Users can accrue as many rJOE Tokens as they like.

The rJOE Token

  • Accrue as much rJOE as you want
  • rJOE is stored in your wallet when you claim it
  • rJOE can be used at any time, for any Launch event
  • There is no value attached to rJOE
  • rJOE is non-transferable and cannot be sent to other wallets
  • You cannot buy rJOE on any platform, it must be accrued from Staking
  • rJOE has an Infinite supply and is burned on use when entering a Launch

How much rJOE do I need?

rJOE carries no value, the sole purpose of rJOE is to unlock an allocation for a Rocket Joe Launch.
For every 100 rJOE you have, you can unlock an allocation of 1 AVAX
Once you enter a Launch using rJOE Tokens you can then deposit your AVAX.

How much rJOE am I earning?

  1. 1.
    The Emission rate for rJOE is controlled by the protocol and may change to control the supply
  2. 2.
    To calculate your rate of accrual you need to understand your JOE share in the total rJOE pool.
  3. 3.
    You can find the Total JOEs staked into rJOE: here
  4. 4.
    Take the total JOEs you have staked, divided by the Total JOEs in the rJOE Staking Pool
  5. 5.
    Multiply that % against the total rJOE emitted per day, this will give you the volume of rJOEs you are personally accruing each day.

rJOE Contract