rJOE Staking
rJOE Tokens allow you to participate in the launch of protocols, where you can acquire newly issued tokens.

What is rJOE?

rJOE is a credit used to enter Rocket Joe Launches.
Depositing rJOE into a Rocket Joe Launch, will then unlock the ability for you to deposit your AVAX into that Launch Liquidity Pool.
For every 100 rJOE you have, you can unlock 1 AVAX Allocation.
  • EG If I have 500 rJOE and I deposit that all into one Launch Pool, I can then deposit 5 AVAX to join the Launch Liquidity Pool.
rJOE is a non-transferable token and cannot be traded.
Once you have deposited rJOE to gain access to a Launch Pool, it is burned on use.

How to get rJOE Tokens

Stake JOE into the rJOE Staking pool. This can be found on the Launch tab.

How To Stake

  1. 1.
    Connect your wallet
  2. 2.
    Head to the Launch tab
  3. 3.
    Enter the amount of JOE you wish to stake for rJOE and select ‘Stake’
rJOE is emitted over time. You will see rJOE accumulated under ‘Pending rJOE.
4. Claim pending rJOE' to deposit the accrued rJOE into your wallet
5. rJOE you hold in your wallet will now appear under 'your rJOE balance'
rJOE is non-transferable and will remain in your wallet until used for a Rocket Joe Launch.
rJOE is allocation credit and will not convert into AVAX. Once you have used rJOE to enter a launch event, you will still need to supply AVAX.

How To Unstake

1. To unstake rJOE, enter the amount of JOE and select ‘Unstake’.
Unstaking rJOE ≠ unstaking from the launch event.


If i stake JOE into rJOE can i withdraw my JOE at anytime?
There is no locking or fees when staking for rJOE, you enter and exit with your JOE at anytime.
How much is rJOE Worth?
The speed at which you accrue rJOE is set as the ‘emission rate * share of pool’. rJOE is proportionate to your allocation of AVAX in the launch pool. This is set at a ratio of 1 AVAX : 100 rJOE.
What happens to my rJOE when I enter a Launch event?
Upon entry, rJOE will be burnt for AVAX allocation credit.
Can I keep my rJOE and use it anytime I want?
Yes - you can see your rJOE balance and pending rJOE in the Stake/unstake panel and you can use your rJOE at anytime, for any Launch event.
Do I need KYC to stake rJOE and enter the launch pool?
No - Rocket Joe is completely decentralized and permissionless.
What is the ‘APY’ for staking into rJOE?
rJOE has no $ value and cannot be traded - rJOE accrual is set as the ‘emission rate * share of pool’. The rate per second at which rJOE is accrued will be tweaked during the initial roll-out.
The Instrinisic value of rJOE: 100 rJOE = 1 AVAX
If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to jump into Trader Joe's Discord or Telegram to speak to a team member.