Participating in Launches
Follow this simple guide to participate in any of Rocket Joe’s launch events. To get started, make sure that you have staked JOE for rJOE on the launch page. Rocket Joe has permissionless onboarding and users will not need to complete KYC.

Launch Events

Navigate to the Launch page on Trader Joe.
1. To enter a live launch, claim any pending rJOE (if your rJOE balance is 0).
2. Select the Launch Event you wish to enter by simply clicking on the Launch card.
  • rJOE is used to enter launches, the more rJOE you have the more AVAX you will be able to deposit into a Launch
  • 100 rJOE unlocks 1 AVAX allocation

The Launch Page

The Launch page is split up into key areas
Launch Info: Provides an overview of key metrics, helping you to understand the protocol valuation as well as the current pricing details for the Launch
Phase Details: Provides an overview for the current timeline once the Launch page is activated. You can monitor the exact time progression for the Launch event.
Project Info: Details for the Protocol that is launching, social, website, and whitepaper links.

Entering a Launch

On the right hand side of the Launch Page, you will find a Deposit / Withdraw panel.
Here you can Deposit rJOE and AVAX to enter a Launch, enter the value of AVAX you wish to deposit and then press the 'Deposit' button.
You may only Deposit during the Deposit phase of a Launch, which will always be set to a 48 hour period. There is a timer on this panel to help inform you of the time duration left in the Deposit window
Once you have deposited AVAX to enter the Launch, there is no further action required. You are now entered in the Rocket Joe Launch, all you have to do is keep track of the Rocket Joe Launch Timeline, simply sit back and wait for blast off 😎
Once you have entered a Launch by depositing AVAX, your rJOE will be automatically burned in the process. This amount will always represent 100 rJOE for 1 AVAX you deposit.

Withdrawing from a Launch

You can withdraw from a Launch during the Deposit phase or from the Withdrawal phase, there may be a fee for this which will be taken from the amount of AVAX you withdraw.
The fee to withdraw will be highlighted on the launch page and can/may vary from 5% to 50%.
If you withdraw from a Launch, you will not receive your rJOE back
If you withdraw during a Deposit phase, you can still re-enter the Launch with your existing rJOE allocation.
Congratulations! You have successfully deposited AVAX into the launch pool. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to jump into Trader Joe's Discord or Telegram to speak to a team member.

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