Trader Joe is a one-stop-shop trading platform.
We plan to break new ground in DeFi R&D.
Current Roadmap
We forked, we built and now we innovate
We are committed to driving the continued expansion of the Avalanche Ecosystem. Trader Joe will become a hub for DeFi innovation and an ambassador for NFT & Metaverse culture on the Avalanche Blockchain. To support this ambition, we are currently in the process of doubling our engineering, research, and quant teams. Trader Joe will nurture and accelerate the emerging consumer trends of the Metaverse, tying in the natural synergies of DeFi.
Coming Early Q1
  • Rocket Joe: DeFi Innovation for Decentralised Exchanges
  • Tokenomics Overhaul: Reduce sell pressure, return value
  • Decentralised Marketplace: Supporting NFT/Metaverse culture on Avalanche

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The Trader Joe Roadmap — Q1 2022
Flexible, not Fixed
Strong foundations for Q1 have been laid, delivering a tri-pronged plan that will drive the growth of the Trader Joe ecosystem for the betterment of Avalanche and our community. We will double down on our strengths, remaining agile, building fast, and incubating the latest in DeFi innovation — creating a one-stop-shop DeFi experience, like no other.
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