How to Claim Rewards?
Step by step guide on Claiming Rewards, woohoo!
How to earn bonus JOE rewards
  • You can earn additional JOE rewards by Lending/Borrowing at Banker Joe.
  • Reward information can be found in either Deposit or Borrow detail pages.
  • On the My Portfolio page, you can see a cumulative position of your pending rewards.
  • You can also Claim all of your rewards at once, on the My Portfolio Page.


What does the rewards multiplier mean? (eg X1)

This represents the volume of rewards being emitted into the rewards pool for the Token. The representative returns to you will be visible in the APR/APY shown.
How do I get AVAX rewards?
AVAX rewards will be accrued when Joe Rush starts.
What is ‘Rewards APY’
Reward APY is the additional incentives we are rewarding when using Banker Joe. These are paid out in either Joe Tokens or Avax Tokens. You can claim rewards anytime.
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