FAQ Section
What is ‘Net APY’
Net APY is the net position on your interest & borrowing activity. The figure represents your expected return over the year. This position does not include your rewards APY.
Sum: Deposit APY - Borrowing APY = Net APY
What is ‘Deposit APY’
Deposit APY represents the interest you are earning on your deposited token. If you deposit AVAX, your Deposit APY will be accrued in AVAX. This happens automatically to your position - you do not need to claim this interest.
What is ‘Borrow APY’
Borrow APY represents the interest you are paying on your borrowed token. If you borrow AVAX, your Borrow APY will be paid in AVAX. When you withdraw from your position, you will then pay additional AVAX.
What is ‘Rewards APY’
Reward APY is the additional incentives you are rewarded when using Banker Joe. These are paid out in either Joe Tokens or AVAX Tokens. You can claim rewards anytime.
How come I can't borrow after depositing tokens?
Firstly you have to enable ‘Collateral’. Do this by clicking the toggle on the token you have deposited.
How do I get AVAX rewards?
AVAX rewards will be accrued when Joe Rush starts.
Why did I get charged 0.1 AVAX extra when repaying?
Pressing Repay Max charges an additional 0.1 AVAX, this is rebated back on settlement of the transaction
Is there any risk to the Trader Joe Platform if Banker Joe gets exploited?
Lending and DEX funds are totally isolated. USDT on banker joe is sealed off from USDT farms on Trader Joe. If Banker Joe gets exploited, all funds on the farm are safe.
Borrow Limit Bar
If the Borrow Limit Bar >100% means prone to liquidation. ‘Borrow Limit 0%’ acts as your ‘health indicator’. A higher % puts your closer towards liquidation. 100% will mean you are liquidated. Over 80% is still considered very high and caution should be taken through appropriate levels of risk management, such as deleveraging your portfolio.

How do I pay interest?

Your interest amount is automatically calculated, and will be added to your borrowing balance. You can repay anytime.

Will you add more tokens onto Banker Joe?

Yes, more tokens will be added in due course. Including the JOE Token.

Can I collateralize only 50% of my deposited token?

No, collateralization is only on 100% of your deposit balance of a given token.

Why can't I disable collateral?

You may have an outstanding borrowing balance. Repay some of your borrowed tokens.
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